Jazz (Jasmine) Ketibuah


Friends of the Earth


Jazz raises awareness among Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities about the benefits of visiting the local natural spaces around them in Bristol.

When Jazz first moved to Bristol she loved being part of the environmental activism scene and was really happy to be asked by Ujima Radio to be a Green and Black Ambassador carrying out research into why there is a disconnect between BAME communities and green issues.

Jazz feels that the wellbeing aspects of being in nature re very important and strongly believes everyone should have access to these natural areas.  She is keen to challenge the perception that some people from BAME communities have that nature areas are ‘not for them’ because they don’t see other people like themselves there.

Jazz likes to spend time in Leigh Woods near Bristol seeing robins and kingfishers and foraging for wild garlic and elderflower.

“The best thing is to be outside in the countryside so you don’t feel enclosed – better than being stuck in an office looking at walls.  It’s a really healing thing for me”

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