Friends of the Earth Northern Ireland

We need to find a new way of engaging with life, it requires us to have an ecological imagination...

Mark is an author of creative non-fiction. He is also a naturalist and environmental tutor, who writes and broadcasts on nature and wildlife in a variety of national media. In 2018 he released a new book Our Place (Cape), on the fate of British nature in the twentieth century, and completed 30 years as a Guardian country diarist. Mark has 11 other books which have been shortlisted and have won several awards. He has travelled in more than 50 countries on six continents and in 1999 was awarded a Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship to study birds in magico-medicinal practices in Benin and Cameroon. For the last 35 years his home has been in Norfolk. He is married to the arts professional Mary Muir, from whom he gets many of his best ideas!

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