Friends of the Earth Northern Ireland

Defender of the Carlingford Sea Lough that flows along the Irish border between Co Down and Co Louth

Christine describes herself as just an ordinary girl who was brought up to appreciate the world around her.

Christine has deployed her skills as a communications consultant in campaigning and fighting for the protection of a tiny hamlet, Greencastle, Co Down and its abundance of wildlife, and natural and historical heritage.

After substantial objections, petitions, and intensive consultation processes, she had no other recourse to take when both the Council and DAERA issued their approvals for a ferry terminal that had the potential to damage Carlingford Lough’s delicate ecosystems. She became a Litigant in Person and started the life-changing struggle of taking both parties to High Court for a Judicial Review. A prolonged, steep journey ensued, learning of legislation, legal process and development of evidence and paperwork.

This has taken two and a half years of her life but Christine have seen too many documents stating inaccuracies while omitting the truth. Public bodies should be accountable but her experience has shown the contrary.

Christine will stand for the ethos of “Keep it Green” campaign, “to protect, enhance and share”. We need more Keepers in the world to make it safer, greener and sustainable!

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