Friends of the Earth Northern Ireland

Fighting for nature in a corner of Co. Down

These birdwatchers met on a wonderful sewage farm in Munich in 1983.

They share a passion for watching Nature and do all they can to ensure their children have the same opportunities to do likewise. Though they will probably never see Blue Whales, Polar Bears and Emperor Penguins themselves, Chris and Doris cannot imagine living in a world without them.

They are lucky to share where they live, in a corner of County Down, Northern Ireland, with Harbour Porpoises, Irish Hares and Kestrels. As members of their local environmental group, Lecale Conservation, they lobby local and national government to do more to stem biodiversity loss. They encourage farmers and land owners to give some consideration to the wildlife that lives on their land and provide practical help erecting nest boxes for birds including the Barn Owl and Kestrel. Further afield, Chris and Doris do what they can in support of other people and organisations who share their interests and concerns, and who are willing to stand up for nature.

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