Friends of the Earth Northern Ireland

Nature, sustainability and art on the North Antrim coast

Having grown up on Ireland’s wild north coast Ewen developed a deep appreciation for nature and wildlife at an early age, particularly that of coastal regions. This passion is reflected in Ewen’s output as a musician and writer, and through activism. For many years Ewen has peppered his lyrics and writing with images, reflections, and stories that encourage debate and engagement around environmental issues. He has travelled extensively with this creative output and linked and learnt with many other protectors across the world as well campaigning, fundraising, volunteering, and remaining committed to many environmental struggles at home, notably “Protect our North Coast”.

In 2017 Ewen hopes to spread the debate further with more artistic endeavours that aim to shout all the more loudly about allocating space to discuss environmental issues worldwide, as well as continuing to act as local guide to all things natural and sustainable on the North Antrim Coast.

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