Friends of the Earth Northern Ireland

Tirelessly devoted to saving the River Faughan

The River Faughan springs from the side of Sawel Mountain in the Sperrins.

“The river is my river. It flows through this landscape as sure as it flows through me” The river tumbles through moorland, marsh, woodland and farms on its thirty mile stretch to the Foyle. I’ve tramped every inch of this river in search of its secrets and have been richly rewarded for my efforts.”

Dean’s most vivid childhood memories are of the Faughan, the early morning sun and eating lemon curd sandwiches going fishing with his Uncle Albert. Like Dean, he could not have cared if he ever caught a fish.

Dean says October is the most magical time. He loves walking through the steep wooded banks of alder and hazel in awe of the magnificent oaks clinging to the banks. “It’s because of this river I do what I do.”

The river is under threat form unlawful quarries, unregulated hydro schemes, farm pollution, and one of the biggest illegal dumps in Europe. Dean uses his skill as a planner and his interest in environmental law to protect his river.

“The river has been let down by government.
As long as I breathe I will work with the
River Faughan Anglers to protect my river.”

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