Friends of the Earth Northern Ireland

Charlie is on a quest to save our oceans!

At 4 years old, Charlie overheard his parents discussing the detrimental effects plastic and pollution are having on marine wildlife. Charlie was sad all the animals he loves were being harmed and wanted to help them. In March 2017, Charlie started beach cleaning with his parents. His journey has been amazing.

Charlie has completed over 40 beach cleans in many different locations. He has a strong social media presence showcasing his work to inspire others, spread his word, and highlight environmental issues. He is regularly in local and national newspapers, and on Radio.

Charlie is delighted and honoured to be titled by Friends of the Earth Northern Ireland as a ‘Nature’s Keeper’. Protecting the marine wildlife that he loves is very important to him and he hopes that everyone will help in their own way.

Charlie is currently visiting cafes and businesses, and encouraging them to become ‘Plastic Clever’, by agreeing to reduce their single use plastic through some simple steps.

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