Friends of the Earth Northern Ireland

The hills of Tyrone are abundant with sand and gravel, attracting all sorts of wildlife. As a boy Ciaran ran through those hills, some of which aren't there anymore.

Campaigning to protect special places from industrial quarrying in Tyrone is something Ciaran felt compelled to do as he saw the negative impact it was having on the community. Future generations are entitled to the benefits that come from living in an area unspoiled and denuded of its beauty.

The best thing about being active in protecting the environment is that one campaign leads to another. Since beginning a lone campaign to address unauthorised quarrying in Mid Tyrone Ciaran quickly found likeminded people and got involved with other groups. He is currently involved with Save our Sperrins, a group dedicated to halting another form of quarrying – goldmining on a scale that would dwarf all the quarries in Ireland.

Ciaran says campaigning groups are mushrooming. Group after group is springing up as proposed industrialisation in rural areas intensifies.

“I’m in this for the long haul, my children and neighbours are my driver.”

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